How can I change my Email and Password?

This is about changing Email and Password....
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Please ensure that you are logged in with you account in

Then go to

And here you can either click on the "Change Email" button or "Change Password" button. See the screenshot below:

Changing your Email

When you change your email, you have to enter the new email twice to ensure that you didn't misspelled the email. After that you will be logged out and need to confirm the new email address. You should receive a confirmation mail to the new address.

Please consider that your invoices (if you are subscribed to a paid plan) will be send to your new email address after change. You also need to confirm your new email address via a confirmation mail (Please check also your spam folder). If you don't confirm, your account along the channel will be deleted after 7 days. After the successful password change you will be logged out, so that you can log in with your new email.

Changing your Password

When you change your password, you need to enter first your old password and then two times a new password. You will be logged out after the change was successful and need to login with your new password again.

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