How do I claim a channel?

Claiming a channel
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First if a channel isn't claimed yet, you will see the "Claim Channel" button under the channel image in the public channel detail page. See screenshot below:

You need to ensure that you message me with the SoundCloud profile that has the same slug as the SoundChannel you want to claim e.g. and where the slug is "abcxyz".

If you are sure that this is your channel, you need to send me a message via SoundCloud here and include the url of the SoundChannel you want to claim and your email you signed up with in

"I want to claim and my user email is:"

if your SoundCloud slug is already the same as your slug then I will directly set your SoundChannel to "claimed". If not then the following will happen....

....I should respond usually in around 24h and send you a 6-digit claiming code e.g. 325475

After that an input field in your user dashboard here should appear where you can enter the 6-digit claiming code and via clicking on the "Start Claiming Channel" button start the claiming process. If everything is fine you should take over the SoundChannel you wanted to claim with it's current data. You should now be able to update the data inside the channel.

Other users won't be able to claim your channel anymore and the "Claim Channel" button won't appear anymore in your channel detail page.

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