Why should I list my SoundCloud Profile on SoundChannels.io?

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The main reason I've built SoundChannels.io is that I was searching for a place to find SoundCloud profiles where I can easily submit a guest mix. Before SoundChannels.io I just checked out other artists SoundCloud profiles where they already made a guest mix which was very time consuming. I thought there must be a page which lists all different SoundCloud profiles for the different genres to submit a guest mix. Via a google search I didn't find any page, so from now on I will use SoundChannels.io to find new Channels where I can submit a guest mix 🙂 And in the future probably it won't be only me who is searching for an opportunity on SoundChannels.io to reach more listeners. So you should just see SoundChannels.io as an opportunity to reach potential artist which will use your services.

Maybe I will reach out to you someday for a specific service from you.

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